SQUISITO Offers FF&E procurement services for both residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

We understand how important trust is to a business relationship. We are a service-oriented company with a proven record of excellence throughout the Interior industry.

Our procurement team has successfully completed numerous residential projects and has worked with over 20 different hospitality flags in the region.

SQUISITO offers FF&E provider and designer walk through your property with you before starting work.

FF&E procurement of projects is a complex undertaking. Therefore, we offer a a face-to-face service with project ID consultant on site to understand the project and get to know the property needs and will stand by the client step along the way.

SQUISITO always makes sure to saves money for you.

Our team provides a total project cost estimate up front. Together with an assistance of project ID consultant, SQUISITO Team carefully reads the FF&E specification sheets and would get back to the client in time with a cost estimation for client to approve before all the necessary charges gets added. In case the budget of the client does not meet the offer, SQUISITO team will offer quality alternatives product sources at lower costs that meet client budget.

SQUISITO conduct research and go to great lengths to find the right product sources, shipping routes, and freight carriers to save clients’ money on their FF&E purchases.